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Arita teacup

We have a huge collection of teacups and teapots

TeoChew teapot

They range from Chinese Qing dynasty's to Japanese Arita's

YiXing teapot

Tea pot category
The 2 main types of earthernware teapots from China are the red clay from TeoChew and Yixing purple clay is proud to bring you high quality TeoChew teapots used by Chinese all over the world for tea-drinking. These teapots are made in ...

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Welcome to   Chinese language version

Tea drinking has been around in China since the Zhou dynasty. It has a long history in China. Besides drinking it as a form of leisure and enjoyment, it was also valued for its medicinal properties.

In this website we hope to bring the world of tea to your computer screen as comprehensively as possible so that you too may enjoy the wonders of oriental tea.

Join us as members of The Cultural Relics Circle For our website, we are concentrating mainly on Chinese and Japanese teas. However, it is our desire to put up more information on other types of Asian teas as well, from countries as diverse as India to Kuching.

We also hope to show you the nexus between western tea and oriental teas. This is because in our research, we have discovered that tea-drinking is one of the most important cultural elements that links the east and the west. Tea was brought to the west through trade and tribute missions. Later on, colonialism also brought this culture to the tables of Europe. In fact, tea was later grown on western colonies, destined for western export markets.

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Exquisite East Asian Antiques
Rare Japanese Black Pearls

Reasearch and articles
Tea Wares Appreciation

Besides tea-drinking, we feel that it is important to discern and recognize hitherto peripheral aspects of tea-drinking. These integral parts of tea-drinking include knowledge about the history of tea, tea ceremonies, use of tea tools and tea wares, appreciation of pottery, surroundings conducive to drinking tea, etc.

In other words, we are going to talk about just about anything that concerns tea. We would also like to introduce a whole range of teas in our online shop that you too may savour the taste of such teas in your very own living room.

We will also provide an online forum for anyone but anyone to discuss any issues pertaining to tea and to ask any questions pertaining to tea.

We are also going to provide niche services such as authentication of tea wares and auction of valuable tea. Let us begin this journey of discovery together, tea lovers. presents...
Tea Conference
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An introduction to Green tea

Green Tea is the most common tea in both China and Japan. In China it accounts for more than 50% of the tea crops. Every tea-planting region in China churns out green tea. The most famous of them all is biluochun. It is mostly cultivated in central China.
Dragon's well tea is also well-known in China. There are roughly 33 different types of Green tea.

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Shiran Tea from Kyushu, Japan. Best premium green tea leaves
Research Corner
Read what our tea experts have to say:

Visit our Research corner and read all the articles posted by our panel of tea lovers and enthusiasts.

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